ABSITE Assassin High-Yield Review App

how to study for absite exam 2018

Application that provides high yield ABSITE surgery review for the American Board of Surgery In-Training Exam.

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The ABS in-service exam is becoming notoriously difficult, detailed, and test the unusual disease processes. Why not ACE your exam with our HIGH YIELD ABSITE Assassin flashcard surgery review mobile app? We focus on the surgery questions that can get you the easy points on the exam. This is an excellent HIGH YIELD Surgery review; go at your own pace to review crucial PEARLS for the ABS in-service exam and for PIMPING ON ATTENDING ROUNDS AND IN THE OR!!!!!!  This is how to study for the ABSITE 2018!


We continually update the surgery review questions to keep you on your game and on point!!!!! So you can review to master the surgery material and know it COLD by the next exam!!! These questions will challenge your surgical knowledge base and enhance your surgical education.

Try our ABSITE ASSASSIN High-Yield Surgery Review and see the difference NOW!

These questions are for review purposes only; they are not meant to guide your treatment of patients.



*HIGH Yield Surgery Review app

*KEY Surgery Points

*KEY Surgery pimping pearls

* faster loading of the database.

* improved user interface

* greater page functionality

* the ability to mark correct vs incorrect answers and monitor your progress

* automatic reinsertion of wrong answers TWICE!!!

* Over 400 SURGERY REVIEW questions!!!!


There are 1000s of flashcards included, but you can begin to use the mobile app to create your own question bank for how to study for the ABS in-service training Exam 2018.