ABSITE Preparation for General Surgery Residents

ABSITE 2018 preperation – Residency in general surgery is tough no matter what program you’re in and independent of the 80-hour demands. Surgery residents spend a lot of their nonhospital preparing for either surgeries, case introductions, journal clubs, mobiditiy and mortality gatherings, or honing aptitudes in the simulation lab, notwithstanding finding out more about their patients and including themselves in some research work. Verifiably, these exercises help the educational growth, however, it leaves general surgery residents with little time for ABSITE preparation, and balance time between studying for the exam and their social life. Keeping this in mind, this mobile can be included in any meticulously structured a study plan.

ABS in-training service exam Preparation – Best ABSITE Prep

ABS in-training service exam is held toward the end of January annually. We suggest that you start ABSITE preparation ALL YEAR – not just a specified time period for a killer score. When it comes to how to study for ABSITE for 99th percentile, begin with an initial exam to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Work on your weaknesses with reading, Absite review questions, and flashcards the first month, change every one of the subjects in your second month, and focus again on the feeble points in the initial two weeks of the third month. Give the most recent two weeks of your arrangement in perusing to a great degree high return materials, i.e. ABSITE Killer, your own notes, tables and scores, (for example, MELD score, Child-Pugh score, and so forth.). While you review with reading, use the QBank as a learning mobile app, go over EVERY flashcard, the review the flashcards that you miss or don’t understand, then re-read the sections on your weaknesses, then proceed to review ALL of the flashcards again before the ABS in-training service exam 2018. It is crucial that you review EVERY flashcard in mobile question bank – the questions missed can be used as an ABSITE study guide. This is the best Absite prep!

We emphatically prescribe you keep a reference book (e.g. Sabiston Text Book of Surgery), and read your reference book for no less than one hour regular (no less than five days seven days) beginning from the principal day of your residency. When you start your preparation for the
ABS in-training service exam in November, carry this mobile app with you at all times on your phone – review the flashcards and ADD YOUR OWN QUESTIONS for review. Review the flashcards regularly in your free time, on the train or bus, in the call room. During these three months, use your reference books as a primary source and this mobile flashcards app for preparation as an adjunct to cement the surgery review fundamentals.

This mobile app allows residents to create their own questions for review and solid ABSITE preparation!  Over the years of surgical training, residents have accumulated thousands of questions that helps to retain information because of repetition.  Now you can add and maintain your own database of questions, notes, & pimping pearls.

The mobile ABSITE preparation tool downloads to iOS or Android devices – study on the go.   Master Tips highlighting frequently tested items help you stand out on rounds.1000 flashcards is a great resource for rapid and effective review tool!  Medical students also use the mobile for the NBME surgery shelf exam.

There are 1000s of flashcards included, but you can begin to use the mobile app to create your own question bank for how to study for the ABS in-service training Exam 2018 for good preparation and ABSITE review..