ABSITE Question Banks Review App

how to study for absite exam 2018

As a medical student in the OR, it can often be a frustrating experience. Surgery is an exciting and complex domain, but even by scrubbing in and being close to the field, “lost” a common feeling. This can be true for surgery residents as well, which is why it is crucial to constantly review and read surgery review material, namely question banks.

When it comes to how to study for the American Board of Surgery In-Training Exam ABSITE Question Banks, and surgery review questions, there is a dual goal of surgery patient care and high yield surgery review. To that affect, the use of ABSITE 2018 question banks and Surgery review textbooks are useful. Now medical applications are gaining weight for surgery review.

iABSITE bundled ABSITE and Surgery Review iPhone applications, namely ABS Boards Surgery Qbank App and Review of Surgery App. ABSITE Question Bank app resents the basic ideas and types of flaps in a simple fashion for medical students to understand. The team consists of surgery attendings, surgery residents, and medical artists. This venture is their first collaboration, and the products are a great start. They are currently sold via iTunes as universal surgery apps available for iOS and Google play Android devices.

While there are volumes of Surgery review books written on this subject alone and the app presents a simplified look into the efficiency of iPhone question banks for surgery review. Some of the improvements include: more questions, accelerator technology, score keeping, and peel away user interface.

The app is relatively new, having just been released late last year. This first version is a great start and the new version is a great surgery review companion.  This is how to study for the ABSITE 2018!

There are 1000s of flashcards included, but you can begin to use the mobile app to create your own question bank for how to study for the ABS in-service training Exam 2018 with a good schedule, plan Absite review questions.