Utilizing Mobile App for a Solid ABSITE Study Plan 

This 2nd update  of The ABSITE Assassin – Mobile Review App.  This ABSITE review questions app is a great resource and is an awesome ABSITE study plan for surgery residents studying for the American Board of Surgery ABS In-Training Examination. Unlike mobile review apps that force the reader to wade through paragraph after paragraph of extraneous material, this review app uses high yield flashcard review – with the ability to add your own questions!   We make it easier to find high yield useful topics, this study guide allows the reader to develop a good ABS in-service surgery exam study plan for 99th percentile 2018.

The Flashcards App is a powerful tool to build your surgical knowledge and to memorize high yield surgery review. Besides conventional flashcards you can also create your own questions bank flashcards to continually build your own surgical resource database. It’s also easy to share your flashcards with your co-residents or to send them from you mobile to your tablet. Just click the share button and your flashcards will be sent via text or email immediately. The app makes it easy to prepare for an upcoming 2018 test and for pimping on rounds, and continually updating / documenting good questions to continue to grow.

FEEL AT EASE when it Comes to ABSITE preparation or how to study for this test – this mobile app is a great study strategy to CRUSH the ABS In-Service Surgery exam 2018


High Yield Surgery Review

Review the questions often repeated on the exam,  use as a good ABSITE study guide – 1000’s questions organized in our pocket!

Key Surgery Review Pearls

iOS / Android mobile app of high yield review flashcards for the ABS In-training exam study strategy for 99th percentile.

Key Surgery Pimping Pearls

Shine on rounds and in the operating room with our attendings – surgery questions that will allow you answer questions when getting “pimped”, serves as the weapon against pimping!

Quickloading ABSITE Question Bank

Study surgery questions at anytime – on the way to pre-round, during a short break, after the rounds of the day, at the end of the day, on call in your callroom – makes for a good ABS In-training exam study plan!

Easy to learn user interface – How to Study for the ABSITE?  A lot of Practice Questions

Explore Basic Science / Clinical Sciences at your fingertips is how to study for the surgery in-service exam – make sure to do a ton of surgery practice / review questions!!!

Add your own questions

Did your learn something new today?  Did you miss a question on rounds or in the operating room – then NEVER miss it again! Simply add your own question easily and quickly! Add the ABSITE questions 2018!

The ability to mark correct vs incorrect answers and monitor your progress.

Monitor your progress by noting review questions or topics that you know cold vs those surgery questions that you need to review – again a great study plan, strategy & guide for the ABS In-  service exam!

Master the 1000 general surgery review questions in a mobile app flashcards for your Android or iPhone. Practice questions  every day to improve your surgical knowledge. Study to rectify your weaknesses and make your strengths solid!

General Surgery Review that really sticks
Well known academic research has found that memories are formed by repeated exposure to new information, so this flashcard app uses the simple but powerful flashcard repetition system. The flashcards you know cold, you can skip.  The surgery review flashcards that you miss, re-rite the question in a different format or reverse the question and answer – this can be done within the app.  Then you have 4-5 questions that can reinforce the right answer all leading more a effective ABSITE study plan.

iPhone / Android mobile ABSITE QBank

Over 1000 SURGERY REVIEW questions in this mobile surgery review mobile app – plan ahead – study for long term memory!!!!

There are 1000s of flashcards included, but you can begin to use the mobile app to create your own question bank for how to study for the ABSITE review Exam 2018.