How to Study for ABSITE Getting a 99th Percentile on ABSITE

General surgery residents are wondering How to Study for ABSITE exam 2018 –  The American Board of Surgery In-Training Exam –  is taken to all general surgery residents every year. Recently the for at has changed – so getting good review questions is somewhat more difficult.    This is very important for PGY-1 surgery residents  who really need to have a great scores on the ABS in -service exam.   Previously, many research reports support the use of weekly book reading with question-based reviews to improve exam scores. Other researchers have studied resident study plans to associate this with higher ABSITE scores. Completing surgery review questions are important in prepping for and how to prep for the American Board of Surgery In-Training Exam. A research report about the surgical resident studying habits centered on completing review questions result in quantitatively higher American Board of Surgery In-Training Exam scores hypothesized that those residents who completed more surgery review questions performed better with this ABSITE study plan.  They reviewed the how to study for the ABS In-training exam scores percentiles of previous and current surgical residents at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.  Then residents took a survey to report how they prepared for their first in-training examination.

They found that higher scores were correlated with completing more surgery review questions!  This is important because there is a good association to ABS in-service scores and written surgery board exams!

So do lots of ABSITE review questions, read, review on a schedule is How to prep for master the ABSITE review exam 2018?

With more focus on challenging yourself with high-yield review questions, you can make a great first score or make considerable improvements in your previous scores!

So, here’s how to master the ABSITE : download the Assassin mobile surgery review app – Question-based mobile app curriculum to improve percentile scores and written board exams!

Complete surgery ABSITE flashcard questions until you know it COLD!  Reduce anxiety and fears about pimping too!

Add Your Own Review Questions too! Your own


There are 1000s of flashcards included, but you can begin to use the mobile app to create your own question bank for how to study for ABSITE Exam 2018. Medical students also use the mobile for the NBME surgery shelf exam review questions .