absite review practice questions

The ABSITE Assassin Practice Questions Flashcard app gives a thorough review to the ABSITE exam. This mobile app covers an surgery subject material to add to any ABSITE study plan. It is fantastic for testing your surgical knowledge, adding ABSITE review questions to the database, and discovering new material – weaknesses to review.

ABSITEASSASSIN is particularly intended for general surgery residents planning for the up and coming 2018 ABSITE exam. Practice with ABSITE questions intended to reflect those composed by the American Board of Surgery (ABS) utilizing a similar SCORE Curriculum Outline. Improve your overall performance on the exam AND develop better relationships with attending with a ABSITE practice questions review to enhance your knowledge .

Study Anytime – Anywhere

Utilize our ABSITE Qbank mobile app on any cell phone – study in the call room, between cases, at home. Simply download the mobile app for iOS or Google Play Android and start the ABSITE review question today!

ABSITE Review Questions

Q-banks can be very effective for how to prepare for the ABSITE 2018. The flashcards questions format allows residents to discover weakness – gaps in knowledge to be able to grow and develop as a young surgeon.

Exam Prep is a Marathon, Not a Sprint


It’s important that you pace yourself. A marathon student does not begin off their preparation by endeavoring to run 26.2 miles. Likewise, you shouldn’t endeavor to take the greatest number of inquiries as you can every day. Truly, you are getting ready for an exam, but on the other hand you’re attempting to enhance your insight and thinking aptitudes.


Use the Surgery Review Questions Banks – Q-banks

The ABSITE Assassin mobile app allows residents to create their own questions for review!  Over the years of surgical training, residents have accumulated thousands of questions that helps to retain information because of repetition.

The mobile downloads to iOS or Android devices – study on the go.   Master Tips highlighting frequently tested items help you stand out on rounds.1000 flashcards is a great resource for rapid and effective review tool!

There are 1000s of flashcards included, but you can begin to use the mobile app to create your own question bank for how to study for the ABS in-service training Exam 2018.